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Pool Cover Installation Service Provider Near Staten Island

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We can’t stress enough how beautiful our houses look with a meticulously installed swimming pool. We spend our entire summers finding ways to enjoy swimming oases with our loved ones. That’s not the case with winters, though. These water bodies are hardly ever used in the winter, and cleaning the debris becomes such a tedious task for each one of us. That’s where the pool cover installation hops in and saves you hours of cleaning. Not to mention, the protection that comes with them is the cherry on top. 

Still wondering whether you should go for cover installation or not? Keep on reading this article below!

What are Safety Covers?

They are high-quality covers that are used in winter or whenever you need to cover your swimming pools. They are available in various colors, materials, and types to provide protection for inground swimming areas. They provide security against accidents and debris that would otherwise ruin your experience of having a waterbody for swimming installed in your home.

Types of Pool Safety Covers

They are created to cover different sizes and types of swimming areas. They are available in various types, such as:

1. Custom Cover: It can be customized according to the color, shape, and size of the water body. This customization ensures that the covers complement the style of your swimming pools while offering protection.

2. SmartMesh: It offers the convenience of a high-tech weave that blocks sunlight and debris with a 40-micron layer. As a result, it also prevents algae and fungal growth in swimming pools. SmartMesh is a high-quality product that provides protection with a delicate yet powerful material.

3. Merlin SmartMesh Cover: This is one of the top-selling safety covers. While other ones require a cover pump to operate, the Merlin SmartMesh Cover doesn’t require any such pump. Having this feature not only makes it easy to install but also low maintenance. If you are looking to prevent accidental falls, harmful UV rays, and debris in your swimming pool, look no further than Merlin SmartMesh Covers. 


  • Perfectly fit: Your swimming area could be any size and shape; a suitable pool cover fits them all! The perfect craftsmanship offered by a leading supplier makes it possible to have safety covers for all kinds of water ponds.
  • Quality that surpasses your expectations: Leading providers do not compromise on quality. Customer protection is their priority. Their products are crafted with the finest material to offer security from accidental falls, sunlight, and more for years to come.
  • Safety: When we talk about safety, a reputed provider makes sure that our pool covers are not only made with quality materials but also installed to match the level of safety you require. Each cover type can be installed with sturdy metallic tension springs precisely hooked at the edges. 
  • Strength: They are crafted with triple-stitched straps designed to crisscross to cover securely. They are light in weight but equipped with the quality standards set by the government.

Why Choose a Leading Pool Cover Installation Service Provider Near Staten Island?

There are several reasons to choose the best-in-class installation service near Staten Island, such as;

  1. They offer products that are crafted using CAD (Computer Aided Design) crafts to match your requirements, no matter their shape perfectly shape.
  2. Products are available in a custom range – you get to choose the shape, color, size, and material of your safety covers.
  3. Their safety products ensure the safety of you and your loved ones from accidental falls and other environmental factors that may ruin your experience of having a swimming pool installed in your home.
  4. They have a dedicated team of installation experts. All their team members are trained to provide installation services without hassle.
  5. They are equipped with the tools and machinery to offer seamless service that not only gives you peace of mind but also assures you that you’re in safe hands.
  6. Their expert team has many years of experience in successfully installing inground pools.

Your Search for a Pool Cover Installation Service Provider Ends Here!

If you’re looking for one of the leading Pool Cover Installation Service providers near Staten Island, we at Fuggetta Pools have got you covered! We take pride in offering you a custom and expert installation near Staten Island. So, if you’re located around this location, don’t hesitate to call their expert at (718) 317-7665 today! You can count on us to get the most advanced safety covers installed in your homes!

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