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Must Try Ten Delicious Pizzas In Huntington

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Pizza may be taken for granted easily. It’s your go-to option for a quick dinner at home or an office gathering. But remember that the right combination of crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings may take a decent pie to the next level of gourmet food preparation. 

It’s a top choice for many, and we’ve got the stats to back it up. Explore the most famous pizza restaurant in Huntington to try delicious pizzas. Stick around till the end for a rundown of pizza toppings. Let’s dive into the world of these delicious pizzas!

Veggie Pizza –

Veggie pizza fans will enjoy this one. Vegetables are the ideal topping for adding color and texture to your cheese pizza. The amazing quartet—golden corn, black olives, capsicum, and red paprika—is sprinkled on top.

Furthermore, your creativity is your only restriction. Veggie pizza may include everything from peppers and mushrooms to eggplant and onions, and tastes delicious. This pizza tastes amazing because it is filled with cheese that is made entirely of genuine mozzarella. 

Everyone likes the texture when stringy cheese is added. It’s so good that you really should try it!

Cheese Pizza –

The statistical favorite is a classic, which should come as no surprise. One of the most popular options is cheese pizza. On its own, it will always remain a simple, beautiful variety of art.

Chicken Pizza –

Here is one of the best pizzas that people who are not vegetarians love the most. Indulge your palate with a double-crunch chicken pizza topped with spicy chicken, fresh tomato, onion, and red paprika, along with unique Mexican herbs. To go with it, you can add breadsticks with garlic. You will undoubtedly enjoy eating this delicious pizza.

Margherita Pizza –

This pizza is classic Neapolitan. Tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, salt, and fresh basil leaves are used in its preparation. San Marzano tomatoes, a kind of plum tomato, are used in this recipe instead of regular tomatoes. Marinara sauce is used to make Margherita pizza. Occasionally, parmesan cheese is used in it as well.

BBQ Chicken Pizza –

What could be better than pairing your two favorite foods—pizza and barbecue chicken? This has long been a college student and sports enthusiast cult favorite. Pies have an unbeatable tangy-sweet taste from the chicken smeared on top. It’s a delicious recipe that any fan of chicken should try. 

Red onions, chicken, barbecue sauce, and a ton of cheese are used in its preparation. For a few minutes, the chicken is cooked in advance. It is then mixed with a little barbecue sauce to keep it from drying out. Any kind of cheese can be used, but gouda and mozzarella together elevate the dish to a whole new level!

Hawaiian Pizza –

When you think of pizza, pineapple may not be the first item that springs to mind. However, when ham is added, the mix of sweet and salty flavors is surprisingly well-balanced for this pizza. 

It’s a pizza with Canadian roots. This pizza uses a different topping than what is typically utilized. It’s still debatable whether pineapple belongs on top of a pizza, but if the food tastes great, who cares? Please try this unusual cuisine!

Pepperoni Pizza –

This pizza is made with pepperoni, a spicy blend of beef and pig meat. It’s a simple, tasty dinner. 

It is made in the same way as regular pizza. But here, pepperoni is the most common topping. As a spice, paprika and red chili powder are combined together.

Mac N Cheese Pizza –

If you want to add a wild twist, try this pizza! Here, macaroni and cheese are utilized in place of pizza sauce. Any kind of cheese, including parmesan, mozzarella, gouda, and cheddar, can be used here. 

You may also add bacon and hot dog slices for flavor. You must try this if you like pizza and macaroni & cheese!

Mexican Green Wave Pizza –

It’s a pizza in the Mexican style. Crunchy onions, juicy tomatoes, a variety of bell peppers, and jalapeño are the toppings utilized for this. 

The Mexican herbs that are sprinkled over the toppings contribute to the pizza’s flavor. These herbs include cumin, cloves, coriander, allspice, thyme, and Mexican oregano.

Mushroom-Fontina Pizza –

This pizza is really tasty. A variety of mushrooms are utilized, including buttons, oysters, portobellos, and shiitake. These are cut into extremely thin pieces and used as garnishes. To create it, just fontina cheese is needed. 

You may add more flavor by adding sour cream, onions, and thyme. Nothing goes better with a fried egg than a mushroom-fontina pizza.

Pizza Topping Ingredients –

Protein- Consider including crispy tofu, cooked mince, jerked pork, spicy sausage, bacon, or even a fried egg.

Cheese-  Use plenty of mozzarella if you’re going classic, or switch it up with some cheddar or parmesan.

Greens- For some color, include a handful of leafy greens like basil and spinach.

Veggies- Eat a lot of vegetables, such as broccoli, aubergine, courgette, onions, peppers, and mushrooms.

Sauces- Give your favorite sauce—barbecue, chili oil, or peri-peri—a little extra sprinkle.

Now It’s Time To Order Your Favorite Pizza!

Your quest for the ultimate veggie pizza experience in Huntington can conclude with Krave It. By offering a delectable array of options, from savory veggie pizzas to mouthwatering chicken delights and refreshing margaritas, Krave It stands as the perfect choice. 

Visit their website now and embark on a culinary journey that satisfies every craving. Place your order at this well-known veggie pizza restaurant in Huntington, and savor the goodness they offer!

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