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How To Order Indian Food Like A Pro?

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Indian cuisine is something that you can’t just miss. All Indian meals are not about curry and heavy flavors. Therefore, you can find several delicious and healthy options in Indian cuisine that delight your taste buds. You must neglect misconceptions about Indian food, as you can order Indian food without being concerned about your health.

If you have decided to broaden your culinary experience, you must follow this write-up, as we have listed some important tips for ordering delectable Indian food! So let’s get started!

Order dish depending on your taste preferences:

Indian cuisine has a large variety of foods prepared with a combination of traditional spices. If you prefer chicken over mutton, then you can order flavorsome chicken tikka masala or butter chicken to indulge in the savory flavors of juicy chicken. Additionally, lots of vegetables with exotic ingredients are utilized in mouth-watering Indian dishes, so if you are a vegetarian, you will find numerous options to order. 

Consider your spice tolerance:

The spices used in Indian food are warm, such as cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, garam masala, and more, which increase the heat in food. That’s why, as compared to other cuisines in the world, Indian meals have different spice levels. Therefore, you need to be honest about spice tolerance to enjoy Indian cuisine to the fullest. Even if you have high spice tolerance, start with medium-spice-level Indian meals. 

In case you can’t handle the spicy food, you can order sides and tasty beverages to reduce the heat. On the Indian food menu, you can indeed find Raita, Plain Yogurt, and Boondi Raita, which help you minimize spiciness and soothe your stomach. 

Raita is the most common side dish in India that contains cold yogurt, salt, cucumbers, tomatoes, chopped onion, and a subtle taste of coriander. If you don’t like veggies with yogurt, you can go for Boondi Raita or just plain yogurt. Moreover, you can also ask the chef to tailor your Raita, depending on your preference. 

Apart from this, a yogurt-based drink, “Lassi,” is another great option to try with Indian meals. It may come in mango flavor, sweet and salty.

Know about the Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian dishes:

Indian restaurants have a comprehensive menu due to the diversity in food. It includes numerous vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that bring different flavors to your table. In India, most people are vegetarian because of their religious beliefs, and this highly impacts the menu. Several popular vegetarian dishes include Tadka daal, Palak paneer, Aloo chana, Bhindi bhaji, and more. 

However, if you are a meat-eater, you won’t be disappointed by the options of non-veg dishes. Savory Butter chicken, Lamb rogan josh, and delicious Chicken korma are a few options that you must order.

Order bread and rice:

Whether you order vegetarian dishes or non-veg dishes, you must also include enough bread and rice to complete the meal. Almost every Indian dish is eaten with different types of bread, such as butter or plain naan, garlic naan, cheese naan, tandoori roti, kulcha, and puri. Similarly, you can order jeera rice, garlic rice, and coco rice to enjoy your Indian meal.

Check the chef’s special:

Going through a large Indian menu and selecting a dish is quite challenging for people who have never tried Indian food before. To ease confusion, you can order one of the restaurant’s specialties. Every chef serves a few specific dishes that they are famous for. You can go through their menu or ask their staff to suggest their most famous dish and see if it matches your taste preference. 

Find a reputable restaurant:

Preparing Indian dishes demands patience and skills. If you want to enjoy good quality food with delectable taste, you need to search for a well-established Indian restaurant that has experienced chefs. You can use your resources or look it up on food delivery apps to find the best Indian restaurant. Moreover, you can ask your family or friends to suggest the finest Indian restaurant from where you can order Indian food online

Ready to indulge in a vast ocean of Indian cuisine?

Indian restaurants have a huge pile of dishes mentioned on the menu, which makes it a little difficult for people to order their favorite one. Therefore, you must order a dish depending on your taste buds while considering your spiciness tolerance and veg or non-veg choice of food. Once again, don’t forget to order bread and rice to complete your meal. Make sure you ask for a chef’s specialty while ordering Indian food online in NY

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