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Designing Your Dream Inground Pool: Inspiration and Ideas from Staten Island’s Top Pool Store

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Have you always dreamed of turning your backyard into a luxurious oasis? Imagine yourself laying in your backyard inground pool, just enjoying the sun’s heat, maybe some music playing in the background while creating the best memories with your family or friends. 

Developing a pool of your dreams in the backyard of your house in Staten Island can be a sign of your luxury life. And, with the help of the best pool store in Staten Island, a dream of your inground pool will come true very soon.

At Staten Island’s leading pool store, you can expect careful design of a pool from experts who are uniquely yours and who satisfy all your requirements. From the creative, sleek, and modern designs that stand out to the natural replicas, there are no limitations one can look forward to when deriving their dream inground pool. So, it’s time to jump right into the creative sessions and plan your backyard swim haven.

Here are some inspirations and ideas to help you make your dream pool come true. Let’s have a look!

Contemporary Elegance:

Think about a beautiful pool design that is both chic and contemporary, and that merges perfectly with your existing modern home. The straight lines, basic features, and all the same colors somehow create a modern paradise behind your living room windows. Geometrical water features, in the form of romantic waterfalls and creative fountains, will strengthen the user’s experience and contribute to the intimate atmosphere.

Tropical Paradise:

Exoticize your yard with a tropical atmosphere by acquiring a tropic-like, inspiring pool design. Adding the element of lush greenery, exotics, and stones gives a wonderful appearance to an extent that produces a tropical outlook not too far from home. The mopped-roof cabana or the tiki bar area should be added to create an authentic island feel. However, it is also essential to include a lot of palm trees to provide shade and privacy.

Rustic Retreat:

If you desire an environment that is more primitive and realistic, then the best option is for you to design a pool that is well-organized so that it does not disrupt the surroundings. Use wood-lapped 

deckings or flagstones in place of a smooth concrete patio, and add realistic features like a rock waterfall. 

Family Fun Zone:

Keep in mind when you are going to build a pool where your whole family can enjoy. It is crucial to encourage family time and create lasting memories. Add entertaining features that will keep everyone busy to enjoy diving in a pool, including a built-in Jacuzzi, splash pad, or waterslide. Remember to keep your children safe during their playtime: consider building a fence, an alarm system, or a pool cover.  

Mediterranean Escape:

Imagine you have a pool that looks like the one in Italy, Greece, or Spain. It will make you feel like you are on a sunny Mediterranean beach. Build a pool with columns, mosaic tiles, and a sunny patio for chilling out. Mediterranean-style landscaping, such as lavender plants, olive trees, and aromatic herbs, will finish the design. 

Zen Retreat:

Create a calm and relaxing corner of your backyard with Japanese-style pool fittings and decor. Make use of nature as an aspect, for example, bamboo, rocks, and water features, and thus, create a tranquil ambiance. Maybe a Japanese bridge, a meditation garden, or a koi pond would be appropriate additions to foster a Zen atmosphere for the sake of relaxation and meditation.

Entertainment Hub:

Change your backyard into the ultimate entertainment location, where your designed pool becomes a place where friends and families can gather. A swim-up bar, outdoor kitchen, and BBQ grill built into the pool will help you keep an open bar for easy entertaining options, while installing underwater speakers, a projector screen or a fire feature will create the wow factor. If you add all of this to your pool, it will make it the heart of your social occasions.

Here are some features you should know when you finally go to build the pool of your dreams.

Water Features:

Make the swimming pool a great place to relax by adding waterfalls, deck jets, or bubblers. The sound of waterfalls has a calming effect on the one hand, and darting jets imply a lot of fun on the other.


By introducing purposeful lights, the nightlife in your pool can be dramatically changed. Submerged LED lights constitute another highlight here, which allows a magical underwater world to come to life. Path lights and objective light decorations create visual interest and secure your dive.


The swimming pool deck is an extension of the inside of your home. First, opt for materials that are consistent with your home’s exterior and are capable of handling all weather conditions. The choices that are usually made involve the use of natural stone, pavers, or composite decking.

Taking the Next Step!

Don’t let go of the idea of having your dream pool be a dream forever. Get in touch with the leading pool store in Staten Island immediately. Their professionals, with a wide range of experience, will lead you gently through the whole process, from initial consultation design to material selection, construction, and ongoing monitoring.

So, with a detailed plan in hand, help from experts on the ground, and some inspiration, you can create a backyard oasis for lasting memories and fun.

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