7 Important Questions to Ask Your Lumber Supplier Before Hiring Them

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Selecting a lumber supplier can seem like a complicated process for many manufacturers. Making the wrong choice might slow your manufacturing process, postpone shipments, and leave your products unfinished, which could be a logistical and expensive nightmare. A reliable source for lumber supply ensures the timely arrival of your lumber, which empowers immediate project completion, validates material costs, and secures the presence of your wood precisely when and where it’s required. However, picking the wrong lumber supplier could have the opposite result. 

Whether the purpose of your lumber is to be used as dunnage or as building materials, picking the proper lumber supplier in New York can significantly impact your business. Therefore, asking a few questions before committing to a new partnership with a lumber supplier is crucial. Below are some essential questions you must ask your lumber supplier before hiring them.

What Distinct Wood Varieties Do You Sell?

It is always one of the most important questions to ask when speaking with a lumber supplier, as you’ll want to ensure that you use the type of lumber your customer wants. Additionally, you’ll want to confirm that the supplier has wood or lumbar in the appropriate thickness for your particular requirements.

If you need a specific variety of wood, most lumber suppliers in New York can accommodate your request, but it’s always a good idea to find out what they typically have. Other goods, such as oils and stains, are generally available from lumber vendors.

Is Your Lumber Sustainably Sourced?

It is essential to determine whether the lumber your supplier provides has been grown and harvested sustainably if you sell it for eco-friendly projects. Customers are increasingly looking for environmentally-conscious products for household projects.

What Special Services Do You Offer?

Hardwood lumber suppliers in New York provide various services when preparing a load of lumber. The wood has the potential to keep an exact thickness, like 15/16 inch for boards that are 4/4 in thickness. It can undergo straight-line ripping on a single edge (SLR1E) or be meticulously sized to precise dimensions, such as 2.78 inches, by ripping both edges (SLR2E). These services could be beneficial and help a manufacturer save time and money during the production process, but they come at a cost; therefore, knowing this upfront is essential.

How Long Have You Been in This Industry?

It’s crucial not to discredit lumber newcomers, but seasoned businesses withstood the test of time offer a higher value in dependability. Renowned lumber suppliers will have specialists to help you navigate their inventory and advise you on the best options for your needs.

What Are Your Payment Terms?

Ensure you agree to the payment terms, as each lumber supplier in NY will have their own. Some may demand payment in full at delivery, while others may grant credit or demand upfront costs.

How is The Lumber Tallied?

Since invoices for hardwood lumber depend on measure board footage, it’s essential to determine whether the quoted and billed price corresponds to a gross calculation (considering lumber in its unprocessed state before kiln drying) or a net calculation (factoring in lumber after kiln drying).

 This lumber shrinking during kiln drying underscores the significance of obtaining a precise board footage measurement for accurate pricing.

Is There a Minimum Order?

Although not all lumber providers do this, some could have minimum orders. So, it is a good idea to learn about this beforehand. This ensures the lumber supplier you are considering will work with your business structure. Additionally, it would be best to inquire about their ability to fulfill unique requests and learn how long such orders often take to process.

So, mentioned above are some of the critical questions you must ask your lumber supplier before hiring them. If you are looking for a reliable lumber supplier in NY, contact Five Boro Building Supply now! Contact their expert at (718) 805-1313 to learn more regarding their products and services.

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